St. Luke’s Global City offers more precise prostate cancer diagnosis with the latest Koelis Trinity 3D MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Biopsy System

Posted on Apr 12, 2019 | From the President's Desk

FIBA篮球世界杯竞猜投注 Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men according to World Cancer Research Fund . At its early stages, neither signs nor symptoms may appear. Cancer is usually suspected when a patient presents with an elevated Prostate specific Antigen, a lump felt on the prostate on rectal examination, or an abnormal ultrasound finding.  

To overcome this disease, early diagnosis is crucial. St. Luke’s Global City has acquired the Trinity 3D Transrectal MRI-Ultrasound Fusion-Guided Prostate Biopsy System, which could provide clearer imaging. By combining the images from an MRI scan together with that from the Trinity Ultrasound, a 3D mapping of the prostate is produced, allowing highly precise targeting during a prostate biopsy. 

By combining MRI and Ultrasound technologies, a urologist can specifically detect where the tumor is and more accurately target it during a biopsy. The MRI technology may even be able to prevent unnecessary biopsies.  Because of the more precise technique, there is a much lower likelihood of missing small, difficult to find malignancies in the prostate.  

This technology is now offered at the St. Luke’s Global City Stone and Prostate Disease Service. Prostate biopsy is done only by  highly trained Urologists and medical staff who continuously provide patient-centered and compassionate care.

St. Luke’s Medical Center will relentlessly pursue its vision and mission to be the country’s premier medical institution and hospital of choice for local residents and medical travelers. The passion to continuously improve, rede?ne, and evolve excellence in medical and patient services has been the cornerstone of St. Luke’s mission to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare.

Schedule an appointment with a St. Luke’s Urologist to learn more about the Koelis Trinity 3D MRI-Ultrasound Fusion Biopsy System and other prostate health concerns.

For more information, you may contact the St. Lukes Global City Stone and Prostate Disease Service at trunkline 789-7700 ext. 1019, or visit the official St. Lukes website at FIBA篮球世界杯竞猜投注