Posted on May 08, 2019 | From the President's Desk

(l-r) Dr. Roy P. Vizcarra, Head of St. Luke’s Quezon City Institute of Radiology; Dr. Manuel Martin L. Lopez, Head of St. Luke’s Quezon City Radiation Oncology; Dr. Arturo S. De La Peña, President and CEO; Mr. Rafael C. Solis, EVP and Head of Hospital Operations; Dr. Benjamin S.A. Campomanes, Jr., SVP and Chief Medical Officer; and, Dr. Anthony T. Uygongco, VP of Medical Practice Group and  Assistant CMO led the unveiling of the new 3.0T SignaTM Pioneer Wide Bore MRI available at St. Luke’s Quezon City.

The most technologically advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology is now available in St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City.

The 3.0T SignaTM Pioneer Wide Bore MRI offers a whole level of precision imaging with revolutionary coil technology and hyper-acceleration techniques designed to minimize scan times and improve image quality.

During the launch last April 29, President and CEO Dr. Arturo S. De La Peña shared that the acquisition of this new technology will add more to the services St. Luke’s Medical Center is already giving. “This is an indication that we have been continuously improving our services to our patients by getting the latest technology. As we always say, ‘In St. Luke’s, the needs of our patients come first.’ I hope this would enable us to serve more patients in this institution.”

“The 3.0T SignaTM Pioneer Wide Bore MRI redefines the way an MRI scan can be performed today. It can provide superior diagnosis, greater detail, and exceptional comfort for our patients,” says Dr. Roy P. Vizcarra, Head of the St. Luke’s Quezon City Institute of Radiology.

Once inside the MRI, patients can experience less anxiety due to the quieter environment the machine provides. This is made possible through the Silent Scan technology that reduces the humming sound drastically, making the examination easy. The machine also has a wider bore design that can give patients greater comfort and reduced claustrophobia.

Patients can also be assured of quicker scans as the new MRI can capture high-resolution images in multiple phases at a single breath-hold.  With free-breathing imaging applications and advanced motion correction software, patients can breathe freely while going through the examination. There is also less of a chance in rescanning in case patients had any voluntary or involuntary motion. A more detailed visualization can aid physicians give a more personalized treatment plan, ensuring the best and most holistic patient care.

Contrary to previous MRI scanners, the 3.0T SignaTM Pioneer Wide Bore MRI requires less contrast or sedation, and on specific cases, none at all. It contains technology that produces contrast-like imaging with lesser need to inject any external agents, or without the injection at all.

“We are proud to be the first hospital in the Philippines to acquire the 3.0T SignaTM Pioneer Wide Bore MRI,” shares Dr. Arturo S. De La Peña, President and CEO of St. Luke’s Medical Center, “Truly, this is a testament of the St. Luke’s commitment to our patients in providing a more accurate diagnosis, essential to the over-all patient experience.”

Following the launch, special lectures from leaders of GE, including a talk on global trends on healthcare innovation by Dr. Scott Atlas, were held for the doctors.

The St. Luke’s Institute of Radiology lives up to this commitment by providing internationally recognized consultants who are experts in imaging studies by using the state-of-the-art equipment. Recognized worldwide as a center of excellence in medical radiology and imaging, St. Luke’s is one of the first hospitals in the country to develop dedicated organ-based and special interest sub-specialties in radiologic imaging, including neuroradiology, head and neck imaging, breast imaging, musculoskeletal chest and cardiac imaging, gastrointestinal, genitourinary radiology and pediatric radiology, among others.  

For more information, you may contact the MRI Scan Department at the St. Luke’s Quezon City Institute of Radiology at trunkline 723-0101 ext. 5409.